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SALU-Commerce & Economics Review

Farhan Ali Soomro,
PhD. Researcher, Department of Public Administration, Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur
Mansoor Ahmed Soomro
Assistant Professor, DADU Campus University of Sindh Jamshoro
Dr. Muhammad Salih Memon
Associate Professor, Institute of Business Administration Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

Research was carried out on comparative analysis of environment and trends in primary and secondary education of Khairpur city, the study had explained various factors on which the public sector schools can be differentiated from the private sector schools, comparison made on the basis of Performance based reward, facilities, teaching methods, Fees structure, and teachers performance towards a target variable “Quality Education Environment”. The study had found that the Education, particularly primary education is mostly well thought-out a public sector school which should be provided to the public of a nation without discrimination, irrespective of affordability and for the most part as it is the responsibility of government, like other services provided by the government, locations and learning outcomes which reduce parents’ interest for public sector schools, furthermore, several other factors illustrate the cost effectiveness of the private sector schools as compared to the public sector schools in providing decent education facilities and better quality of learning levels. On the basis of findings this study become able to conclude that although the public sector school teachers are highly compensated in the shape of salaries and other incentives as compare to private sector schools and the public sector schools are using twice the resources to operate but unfortunately with no fruit full feedback, on the other hand the learning levels of private sector schools continued to be significantly better than the public sector schools.


Prof. Dr. Ikhtiar Ali Ghumro

SALU-Commerce and Economics Review
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