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SALU-Commerce & Economics Review

Ayaz Ali Maitlo
Minhoon Khan Laghari
Iram Rani Laghari

Currency design is an important feature of currency which if not changed timely, creates problem of counterfeiting. Our study of 191 students of Master and Graduation from SZABIST Larkana Campus shows that opinions of public are directly related with the change of currency design. Findings provided weak support of results in which main hypothesis along with two sub hypothesis were supported at significant level while the one hypothesis of relationship between public opinion and currency design rejected because of insignificant results above than P value of 0.05. The State Bank can change currency easily to combat counterfeiting of currency because public have no objection on its change. The state bank can take strategies by keeping in view the public acceptance which is positively correlated with changes in currency design. The currency design change comprises of change in size, color, and pictures on front and back side of currency. Except pictures any single or all components if changed then public will accept currency.