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SALU Commerce & Economical Reviews

Marvi Soomro
Researcher, Institute of Business Administration Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur
Raheem Bux Soomro, PhD.
Associate Professor Institute of Business Administration Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

The purpose of this study was to determine determinants of entrepreneurial intentions of female graduates by utilizing perceived support model. The theoretical framework implies us to analyze the impact of Perceived relational, educational and structural support on entrepreneurial intentions. Therefore, this study utilized the descriptive methodology and data was personally collected from 250 females of Sukkur and Khairpur. The Survey questionnaire was used to collect data from 250 employees in work groups. SPSS version 23 was used for data analysis. The results of analysis showed that perceived relational support and perceived relational support significantly impact EI, while one other variables perceived educational support did not impact EI. Reliability, Exploratory factor analysis, Multiple regression analysis were performed to conclude the results of the analysis. This study also enables universities to develop latest entrepreneurial educational programs, entrepreneurial intentions of young female graduates and to develop entrepreneurial universities to promote entrepreneurs