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SALU-Commerce & Economics Review

Mohammad Salih Memon
Muneer Ahmed Shah
Sarmad Rahat

Issue of per capita income is debatable in different forums world-wide and a sign of showing the economic stability, in this regard research was carried out to predict the per capita income with different economic measures like wise: (Total Public Debt, Fiscal Deficit, Tax Revenue, and Defense Expenditure) as a percentage of GDP and Real GDP growth, data were collected from State Bank of Pakistan and Ministry of Finance Government of Pakistan, used SPSS-18 for entering the data and analysis through correlation and regression, hence forth concluded that public debt must be utilized properly in productive activities, policies must be formed in support of real GDP which are the major predictors of per capita income, defense expenditure must be looked out in a way so that proper allocation of funds towards productive activities can be made to strengthen the per capita income.