A Glance on Economy of Khairpur State in Mir Ali Nawaz Naz Era 1921-35

Abdul Jabbar Tumrani
Department of Pakistan Studies, Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

Dr. Imdad Hussain Sahito
Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

Bashir Ahmed Janwari
Lecturer in Pak-Studies, Govt: Sachal Sarmast Degree College Ranipur, Government of Sindh

Abstract: –
This research tried to prove, with references that, Khairpur State was regarded to
be affluent state in undivided India. Income of state was produced from mineral
resources, fruits, vegetables, and industries etc. Talpurs crushed Kalhora regime
in the bloody battle of Halaani held in 1196 Hijri corresponding to 1782 (near
Kandiaro), after decline of Kalhora, Talpurs came into power. Mir Sohrab Khan
Talpur was establisher of Khairpur State. Khairpur state’s people were very
hospitable and their culture was very pretty and fertile land. State had owned
benevolent foreign policy so they maintained amicable and cordial relations with
other states and countries. Before the Mir Ali Nawaz Khan era (1921-35) the
economical circumstances of state were preferable, in the beginning years of Mir
Ali Nawaz Khan state economy was sound, later on became feeble. Mir Ali Nawaz
Khan (ruler) began to love with a singer of Hera Mandi (Lahore) her name was
Iqbal Begum Alias Bali with heart and soul but Bali’s eyes were filled with greed.
Mir Ali Nawaz Khan married with Bali in 1924. One accomplishment is limpid
that, Khairpur state was so affected by the relationship of Bali and Naz. This
research paper represents the historic and critical background of Khairpur state
especially Mir Ali Nawaz Khan era.

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